Telegram Residency (17)

Set: Form Follows Emoji

Matrjoshka (Матрешка) sticker set

Immediacy, the mother of immersion, is so tempting to achieve and to be part of, also or maybe first and foremost in messengers. It’s tempting to make immediate connections, ask and answer questions with one tap, to have a dialog without talking.
Form that once followed function in the world of consumer electronics was reassigned to follow emotion*. Emotions got channeled into emojis. Emoji, an ultimate form of immediacy, emancipated, giving life to new genres whose function is to immerse users in generating (or picking from) sets of personal preferences, cultural references and insider jokes. In a messeger’s STICKERS menu, you are entering fractal dimension, opening a Russian Doll.
Matreshka sticker set is your path throurh the world of endless possibilities, greetings, reactions, questions and answers, that will always match.

Artists: Cho Won Kim, Cora Lenz, Olia Lialina, Nadja Schmidle, Tim Schmitt, Marla Schneider, Amelie Vogelmann as part of semester project LOOP at Merz Akademie, Stuttgart