Telegram Residency (12)

Set: Lonely Machines is a speculative realtime renderization of feelings of neglected technoscientific agencies in outer space. It is a sticker set from lonesome machines from spatial exploration first published in the Telegram group “Zentrum für Netzkunst”. For humans, machines are “either serviceable or threatening” (Puig, 2011). They socially function “as mediators – that is, […]

Telegram Residency (11)

Set: Algotypes The stickers are an extension of an ongoing project into the life of algorithms. It’s a collection of designs that explore the elegance and personality of classic and famous computer science algorithms and problems. Artist: Thiago Hersan used to be an integrated circuit designer. Now, he works with art, education and communication.

Telegram Residency (10)

Set: jewels To see faces in random compilations of objects is a natural thing. Just like the wish to adorn yourself with something that makes you feel prettier, like jewellery. The consequence of this observation is as clear as a flawless diamond: The world needs Telegram Stickers in the form of jewellery. To express feelings […]