Telegram Residency (10)

Set: jewels

To see faces in random compilations of objects is a natural thing. Just like the wish to adorn yourself with something that makes you feel prettier, like jewellery. The consequence of this observation is as clear as a flawless diamond: The world needs Telegram Stickers in the form of jewellery. To express feelings with a glimpse of glamour in the everyday Telegram conversation.

Working on her Diploma in Jewellery Art at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Marie Luise Möller investigates status symbols, the human desire to own wickedly expensive jewels, group affiliation and how to deal with all this. Creating jewellery Telegram Stickers is now part of her Diploma in which she first started to make analogue, sticky stickers from expensive “classics” like the Tiffany engagement ring, the Cartier love bracelet, the Rolex watch and others.
On the other hand Marie Luise Möller treasured up boxes full of old, cast-off jewellery over uncountable years. This cast-off jewellery from other people is filled with forgotten memories and weighs a lot – physically and mentally. This unhappy family of shabby adornment deserves a new life, but let them speak for themselves!

Artist: Marie Luise Möller

is a jewellery artist, currently based in Halle (Saale), Germany. She studied Artistic Metalwork in St. Petersburg, Russia and had exhibitions in Lisbon, Prague and Halle (Saale). She was nominated for the GiebichenStein Designprize 2018 and one of her projects was published in the AUTOR magazine: The Beauty Issue.

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